Ophthalmology Tailored Services

Giving that JANIX’s founder has a background in ophthalmic research and drug development it is only natural that JANIX have an ophthalmology focused division. This division has a dedicated team of professionals that specifically have ophthalmology experience and can train site technicians and validate lanes (click here for more information about our Certifications).  JANIX has developed SOPs to manage and perform:

  • Visual Acuity Lane Set Up (to certify CRAs & Technicians, as well as Lane Validation)
  • BCVA chart requirements
  • Pelli Robson Illumination
  • NIH Based Refraction Training
  • Fundus Photography tech training guidance in concert with Reading Center
  • Wet lab set-up & resourcing of pig eyes, including biohazard disposal
  • Assistance with the required site equipment and software validations (e.g., FP, OCT, FA..), as needed
  • Our CRAs are trained yearly on VA Lane Set Up and carry calibrated light meters and set up kits.

Additionally, as ophthalmology trials are extremely difficult to enroll due to the enormous competition and difficult patient population, we also implement patient recruitment strategies through combining complementary techniques unique to ophthalmic clinical trials. Click here for more information on our Patient Recruitment Techniques.

Given JANIX's broad range of expertise in ophthalmology clinical trial research and our global presence (we service North America, EU, Israel, Africa and Asia Pacific) we believe in earnest our ability to help your company succeed critical regulatory milestones. Click here for a copy of our ophthalmology focused brochure

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